Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What is kept in a store?

The functions in a store is similar to those in a warehouse. A store normally contains the following:

1. finished goods
2. raw materials
3. component parts
4. work in process items
5. packaging materials
6. repair parts
7. maintenance materials
8. tools
9. gauges

The items kept in a store differ among organisations. The size and the complexity of the operation of an organisation influence the extent of the value and the types items kept by a store. A large manufacturing facility, for example, will have several different stores according to functional areas in the organisation. The logistic department will handle finished goods store. In much the same way, the maintenance department will keep repair parts, maintenance materials, tools, gauges and jigs in its store. The concept of operating a store is the same no matter what the store keeps. Thus, a person with an ample experience handling a raw material store will be able to adapt to a finished goods store environment quite easily.

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